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Keeping your air conditioner or furnace in top shape requires regular check-ups and maintenance. A simple service call can increase the lifetime and efficiency of your unit saving you money in the long run. Give us a call today and we'll be sure to help you in whatever way we can.

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We service all makes and models of furnaces, air conditioners, and rooftop models within the Mount Prospect area. For more information contact us at (847) 409-8699 and we'll be happy to answer any heating or cooling questions.

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Heil furnace Topline HVAC repairman who know how to work with circuit breakers. When something is shorted or you have a power surge ,A lot of times that your circuit breakers in your panel will pop. So here at the Price Is Right Heating and Cooling HVAC company Instead of having you paying $95 for us to come out and reset  your circuit breaker. We will walk you through it. But that the circuit breaker keeps on popping. Then that tells us there is something shorted. That there is a problem there. And then we will have to come out. We have Top Line service technicians who are ready to come and service your circuit breakers box. Here at the Price Is Right Heating and Cooling HVAC company.

HVAC Climatemaster furnace repair Whenever cleaning and checking a forced air furnace that has jet burners. It's always a good idea to take out the jet burners. Sanding them or brush them with a wire brush .Vacuum them and reinstall them back in the furnace. Then turning the system back on and making sure. That you have a smooth ignition in your Flame. And there is no delay ignition. Delay ignition is not a good thing.To have your furnace or water tank doing.

Fix HVAC Tempstar furnace. When replacing a thermostat that controls a Tempstar furnace. All thermostat wires that are color coded. red is for the power. W is white for the heat. G is green for the fan Y is yellow the air conditioning. Sometimes the blue wire is used for air conditioning also in the Y terminal.

Repairing Topline Ameristar furnaces should always be done buy a HVAC service professional .Here at the Price is Right Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC company We have been replacing inducer motors for over 25 years in business We have replaced single stage inducer Motors 2 stage inducer Motors and variable speed inducer Motors We have many years of experience behind us always replace an inducer motor with the original part that's made for that furnace or equipment. Here we have Top Line service technicians and professional installers waiting to serve you call us today.