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Air Conditioning and Furnace Maintenance in the 60070 area

Do you have your cooling or heating systems checked and maintaned annually? If not, it could be costing you more money that it saves. Furnace and Air Conditioning maintenance will help keep your system from breaking down and help retain the efficiency it had when it was new.

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We service all makes and models of furnaces, air conditioners, and rooftop models within the Prospect Heights area. For more information contact us at (847) 409-8699 and we'll be happy to answer any heating or cooling questions.

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Cooling and Heating

Fix HVAC Luxaire furnace When you get loud whistling noise when the gas burners come on. it's because of your office is clogged. you have clean the orifice buy taking it out and unclogging in the hole. So you get the proper gas pressure coming out for proper operation.

NuTone furnace Topline HVAC repairman We specialize in pilot tubing installation for every kind of forced air boiler system major brand equipment that's all for today. We specialize in pilot tubing installation and Servicing. Always make sure that you have a licensed HVAC heating and air conditioning company .Who nows how to service and install pilot tubing in every major brand name furnaces. Here at the Price Is Right Heating and Cooling HVAC company .We have Top Line Service who technicians who specialize in pilot tubing servicing and installation. 

Fix HVAC Day and Night furnace When checking a heat exchanger on a furnace. Make sure that you don't have any flame rollout. The meaning of a flame rollout is .When the blower motor turns on it doesn't push the flame out. From the inside of the heat-exchanger. That is telling you that you have a cracked heat exchanger.

Intertherm furnace Topline HVAC repairman Our service technicians are Top Line installers of blower Wheels. We specialised in servicing and installing blower Wheels we have over 25 years of experience that we have been in business. Here at the Price Is Right Heating and Cooling HVAC company .Blower Wheels have been a part of our work for decades. Cleaning them servicing them replacing them. Our Top Line service technicians are here to serve you. To work on any blower wheel that you need serviced cleaned or replaced. Call The Price is Right Heating and Cooling HVAC today. We specialize and replacing servicing and repairing blower Wheels.