Azrikam water and sewer installations and repairs.

Posted on April 28, 2020

Water Treatment
Here at Azrikam, the price is right plumbing heating, air conditioning and the electrical company servicing repairing replacing and installations, How do you know if you need a water filter or a water purification or treatment system? What can you do to find the best filter for your home and where do you start? We have these helpful and important steps to find the right water treatment solution for your home. We test filters and treatment systems for safety and performance to provide assurance that a certified product will do what it says it is going to do.

Step 1: Find Out What Is In Your Water

If you are wondering what contaminants may be in your water, you can start by getting a copy of your water quality report (called a CCR or consumer confident report) from your local water utility/authority (in the U.S. and some cities in Canada). If you are unable to get your report or if you have a private well, you may want to consider having your water independently tested.