Daikin rooftop HVAC air conditioning ac furnace-commercial Furnace Heating Repairs And New Installs

Posted on May 15, 2018

The DCC Series 3-6 tons packaged air conditioner offers energy-efficient cooling performance in one self-contained unit. This 13 SEER air conditioner unit is suitable for ground-level or rooftop installations and horizontal or down flow applications. The heavy-gauge, galvanized steel cabinet with UV-resistant powder-paint finish withstands all weather conditions and time. 13 SEER & 11.3 SEER Performance High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor High-Capacity, Steel-Cased Filter Drier,


The DTC Packaged Air Conditioner provides energy-efficient cooling performance in one self-contained unit. This unit is suitable for ground-level or rooftop installations and horizontal or down flow application Daikin’s range of Rooftop Packaged Units has been developed specifically to suit commercial applications and are designed for flexible and easy installation. Along with the light cream colour, the flat top and compact design gives an aesthetic and neat appearance when installed in the line of sight. The durable powder coated sheet metal and corrosion resistant fixings make this unit ideal for the harsh Australian climate, The base beams are fixed and provide a rigid foundation for the entire unit. The beam has forklift slots and rigging holes for easy handling. It is also designed to allow mounting on a roof curb, the dimension of the roof curb should be followed strictly in accordance with the installation manual. All units utilise a belt/pulley driven supply air fan, with a variable pitch pulley to enable a wide range of supply air volumes and external static pressures to be met. Furthermore, where required, the supply air fan motors, pulleys and belts can be upgraded easily on site. Unit can be easily converted from horizontal to vertical (downward) supply and return air duct configuration by relocating the panels and supply air fan mounting. The sheet metal condensate drain pan is powder coated for corrosion resistance. A 50mm filter slot is provided as standard instances where a field supplied filter is required. The condenser and evaporator coils are manufactured from seamless inner grooved copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All coils are pressure tested to 4.2 MPa through the use of nitrogen and are further leak tested with Helium gas at 1.6 MPa. To improve corrosion resistance, a hydrophilic Gold Fin is provided as standard. The UAYQ-C series casing is made of zinc coated galvanised steel sheets. It is further treated with an electrostatic powder coat then over baked to provide a weather resistant finish to suit the harsh Australian climate. The screws are also zinc plated to improved product durability. To prevent the likelihood of condensation occurring the unit is equipped with 10mm Polyethylene panel insulation throughout. A belt driven, double width double inlet (DWDI) centrifugal forward curved fan is used as the evaporator fan. This configuration with the factory fitted Variable Pitch Pulley (VPP) allows the unit to meet a wide range of airflows and external static pressures.Compressor’s used in the UAYQ-C series packaged units are hermetically sealed scroll type. All compressors are provided with an internal overload protection.For precise control of refrigerant flow, the UAYQ-C series is equipped with an electric Expansion Valve,