Elk Grove, IL Furnace & AC Repair, Service, and Installation

Posted on June 19, 2019
Elk Grove, IL Furnace & AC Repair, Service, and Installation
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Heating and Cooling Installation and Repair in Elk Grove, Illinois
Air conditioners and furnaces are built tough, but they aren't invincible. They deal with extreme temperatures and will eventually fail. When that happens, you're in need of a new installation or a repair of your old system in Elk Grove. Either way, our expert technicians will get your air conditioning or furnace job done however you need it.
Elk Grove AC Repair
Beware of fake repairs because the reason that you have no cooling most often is because your filter is dirty or your condensing unit is dirty.
Elk Grove Furnace
No heat comes from not cleaning your furnace every season. These 80% furnaces have Flame sensors and if these sensors are not cleaned and sanded then the sensor will deteriorate and eventually not detect a flame causing it to try to start three times and shut down, locking you out.