Explaining how ac works by azrikam

Posted on May 4, 2018

Explaining how ac works by azrikam heating and air conditioning company Elk Grove , IL ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates fixing, service repair and installation Payne , Here at azrikam the price is right heating air conditioning and refrigeration hvac. We asked People who own homes to explain how there residentail  air conditioning unit works .You would be very surprised on how many people dont even now how there bryant commercail air conditioning forced air system even works. Evanston  IL ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates cleaning service repair and installation Rheem A Rheem air conditioning unit uses freon that convert from liquid to gas and then back to liquid. This freon is used to transfer heat from the air that is inside of the house to the outside air. There is a compressor condenser and a evaporator coil. The compressor is a apart of the condensing unit which is located out side.The evaporator coil is located inside of the home. What connects the condenser and the coil together is the copper line set .Through this line set is how the freon is circulatated .The freon comes back through the suction line as a vapor .The compressor sqeezes the freon that packs the vapor molecules   closer together the higher energy and temperature.The liquid freon leaves the compressor as a hot high pressure gas and goes in to the condenser.Look at you carrier  air conditioning unit outside it has metal fins that does the same thing that a car radiator does helping the heat go away dissipate faster. Glencoe, IL ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates checking, service repair and installation Tappan,When the freon leaves the condenser .Its temperature is much cooler and it has changed from the gas state to a loquid state under high pressure.The liquid freon goes through a pin sized small hole .on the other side the freon liquid pressure drops then begins to evaperates into gas state .As the  liquid  changes to gas the evaporator extracts the heat from the air around it. The heat in the air  is needed to seperate the molecules of the freon from liquid to gas.The evaporator is also has metal fins to help exchange the thermal energy with the surrounding air .buy the time the working liquid freon leaves the evaporator.it is a cool,low pressure gas .then returns to the compressor to repeating the cycles over over and over again until the thermastat is satisfied then turning off the lennox forced air systems.Glenview, IL ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates replacements service repair and installation Tempstar ,By washing down your goodman residentail condensor coil or washing down your american stanard commercail rooftop condensor coil. What you are doing is making sure that the system has proper air transformation.There for allowing the condensor to work properly and throwing out the heat that was picked up from inside the house and transfered out side . In order for you to have air conditioning. You will need a furnace. a coil  and a trane condensing unit. It also  could be a carrier furnace with a 2 3 4 5 ton drive blower system. Arlington Heights, IL ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates installations, service repair and installation Trane,Ton is the amount of cooling btus that you will need to cool your home or any space your trying to air condition. The furnace has a blower that suppleis the air from the top of the furnace  and sucks the return air from the side of the furnace .The blower circulates the air  and pushes the air through the supply duct line.  The return duct sucks the supplied air back through the return ductwork transfering it air back to the furnace. Here at azrikam the price is right heating air conditioning and refrigeration hvac. WE HAVE MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW THERE FORCED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS WORKS .ITS JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO, Buffalo Grove ac hvac heating and air conditioning free estimates air conditioning service repair and installation Weather King,