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Posted on May 15, 2018

No matter the season, your family can enjoy premium indoor comfort with your new Amana brand APH15M Packaged Heat Pump, one of our premier heat pump products. And, with the energy savings and durability this packaged unit provides, that comfort could extend all the way to your pocketbook! Your new Amana brand APH15M Packaged Heat Pump combines what we consider to be the best of the Amana brand’s indoor comfort technologies, all in one self-contained “package.” With its advanced design, the unit’s cooling capacity reaches efficiencies up to 15 SEER and the heating efficiencies of up to 8.0 HSPF. When you want quality and durability, choose the Amana brand because it lasts and lasts and lasts.Your space-efficient Amana brand APH15M Packaged Heat Pump can be ground/or rooftop mounted. Its cabinet is built using high-quality, heavy-gauge, zinc-coated steel with a weather resistant powder-paint finish. A stamped steel louvered grille protects the condenser coil, and the unit’s subtle color scheme complements nearly all exterior home environments.Affordable Parts and Labor Extended Service Plan for your entire Amana Brand HVAC system.Compared to lower SEER, R-22 refrigerant units, our new Amana brand APH15M Packaged Heat Pump will not only provide you with energy efficient cooling performance for many years, but it also features R-410A refrigerant. This refrigerant does not contain chlorine. Introduced in 1995, R-410A refrigerant has helped increase the durability and reliability of compressors


Delivering outstanding economy, your Amana brand APH15M Packaged Heat Pump is built using a high-efficiency scroll compressor. Thanks to its high-quality compressor, this unit cools efficiently, quietly and dependably for longer life compared to lower SEER units with a reciprocating compressor,Our coil design provides maximum efficiency in minimum space. Aluminum fins are bonded to enhanced copper tubing for more efficient heat transfer. All coils are leak-checked electronically and pressure-tested during the manufacturing process to assure reliability.The GPC15M is Energy Star qualified, runs quietly, and is environmentally friendly. This unit is durable, and it is covered by a 10-year parts warranty. The GPC15M is suitable for installation on a rooftop or at ground level.Longevity. This unit is housed in a steel cabinet coated with scratch-proof paint. It also includes a weather-resistant outdoor coil, a compressor relief valve, and a durable blower motor.Versatility. The GPC15M is capable of horizontal flow or downflow. An auxiliary heat kit is also available.Quiet Operation. The blower on this model is fully-insulated to reduce noise.Efficient. The GPC15M has a 15 SEER rating and is Energy Star qualified.Environmentally-Friendly. This model uses R-410 environmentally-friendly refrigerant The GPC14H offers superior heating and cooling performance in a self-contained unit. This packaged air conditioner is suitable for both rooftop and ground level installations. It is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.Durability. This unit comes with a heavy-gauge steel cabinet with a UV-resistant, scratch-free finish.Environmentally-Friendly. The GPC14H uses environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant.Quality. This model includes a lubricated and enclosed fan motor, an EEM blower motor, and louvered coil protection.Versatility. This unit is approved for use on modular and manufactured homes. It’s also compatible with electric heat kits.Warranties and Accolades. The GPC14H is ETL listed and AHRI certified. It also includes a 10-year limited warranty on all parts.The GPC13M is an energy-efficient, cost-effective model that offers quiet operation and superior performance. All functional parts on this unit are covered under a limited 10-year warranty, and the GPC13M uses only energy-efficient R-410A coolant.Easy Maintenance. The GPC13M allows for easy access to the insulated blower compartment.Versatility. This model is capable of downflow or horizontal airflow. An optional electric heat kit is also available.Sturdy Construction. The GPC13M is housed in a galvanized Steel cabinet that is coated with scratch-resistant powder paint. The unit’s permanently-lubricated fan motor is completely enclosed for safety.Warranties and Certifications. This model includes a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts. It is also ETL listed and AHRI certified.One of Amana’s least expensive packaged air conditioners, the GPC13H offers quality performance at a low price.Durability. This model’s condenser coil is louvered for protection, and its cabinet is made from durable galvanized steel.Environmentally-Friendly. The GPC13H uses chlorine-free, environmentally friendly R-410A coolant.