Free estimates Tappan furnace heating and Air Conditioner Repairs And New Installs

Posted on May 7, 2018

iQ Drive® | Tappan Tech3 97% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnace,Excellent Home Comfort: Members of the i Q Drive family reach ultra-high levels of efficiency. This furnace is no exception. This unit analyzes the temperature of your home and adjusts firing percentage accordingly. It can adjust between 50% and 100% with the gas valve, and down to 15% with a time proportioning thermostat.Promotes Ultra-Quiet Operation: The motor in this unit is encased in an insulated cabinet for ultimate sound reduction. In addition, the motor is exceptionally quiet – it ramps up to speed instead of performing abrupt on/off cycles.ENERGY STAR Heating: This unit's high-efficiency performance means that it qualifies as a high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR rated product (in certain sizes and matches).iQ Drive Programmable Controller: This gas furnace utilizes the Tappan iQ Drive controller to give you complete control over your indoor environment, including maintenance reminders, programmable comfort schedules and troubleshooting diagnostics . i SEER: The i SEER technology in this gas furnace can maximize the cooling efficiency of your 13- or 14-SEER cooling system .iQ Drive Match: This furnace can be paired with one of our iQ Drive air conditioners or heat pumps for ultimate efficiency and premium comfort.Green Heating Performance: For additional energy savings and green performance, choose this ecoLogic® rated furnace. ecoLogic products are at the pinnacle of efficiency and home comfort.Quality Checked at Factory: Before this Tappan gas furnace leaves the factory it is checked 234 times for quality.

The Tappan  FG7MQ series of fully modulating gas furnaces offers exceptional heating efficient and premium home comfort. When you match this furnace with an i Q Drive air conditioner or heat pump, you can achieve maximum efficiency levels and may see significant savings on your utility costs. Ask your contractor if an iQ Drive system is right for your heating and cooling needs. 

FG7TC & FG7TL | Tappan Tech3 95.1% AFUE Variable-Speed Gas Furnace 

The Tappan FG7TC-VS and FG7TL-VS gas furnaces offer efficiency, comfort and performance. You can pair this model with one of our iQ Drive cooling systems for ultimate comfort and efficiency. Plus, with the varialbe-speed motor and two-stage operation, you can enjoy additional home comfort. Ask your contractor if this is the right system for you.

FG7TC & FG7TL | Tappan Tech2 95.1% AFUE Gas Furnace 

The Tappan series of FG7TC and FG7TL gas furnaces delivers energy-saving performance and whole-home comfort. The two-stage gas valve can provide additional comfort and 95.1% AFUE heating can help you cut back on utility costs. Ask your contractor if this is the right unit for your home.