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Posted on May 15, 2018

Through the years, Trane has designed and developed the most complete line of Packaged Rooftop products available in the market today. Trane was the first to introduce the Micro — microelectronic unit controls — and has continued to improve and revolutionize this design concept. The ReliaTel control platform offers the same great features and functionality as the original Micro, with additional benefits for greater application flexibility .Trane Voyager delivers a product that provides exceptional reliability, meets stringent performance requirements and is competitively priced. Trane Voyager features cutting edge technologies: reliable compressors, computer-aided run testing, and Integrated Comfort Systems.Best-in-class energy efficiency. Truly customizable comfort. Available simultaneous heating and cooling throughout a building. All with small footprints and multiple installation options for a wide variety of building types. These are just some of the benefits of Trane  Advantage VRF systems, our newest heating and cooling options that bring a new level of choice to our customers. Trane Advantage VRF systems can be perfect as stand-alone heating and cooling systems—or perfect as supplemental heating and cooling systems.
For a wide variety of customers, applications and building types, Trane  Advantage VRF systems can be the solution you’ve been looking for to improve the comfort of your building—and improve the lives of the people in it.,Unlike many traditional HVAC systems—which move heated or cooled air throughout the interior of a building using ductwork—Trane Advantage VRF systems use an innovative new process, moving heated or cooled refrigerant throughout the interior of a building using small-diameter pipes. The refrigerant then passes through coils in each room being served by a system; fans or blowers move air past the heated or cooled coils, transferring either warmed or cooled air into the room.With an integrated energy efficiency rating of up to 27 IEER, and with a simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency rating of up to 30 SCHE, a Trane Advantage VRF system can save you more on energy costs than any other VRF system.Trane Advantage VRF systems can independently heat or cool different rooms to temperature levels of the occupants’ choosing, providing exceptional control and comfort.With smaller equipment and small-diameter refrigerant pipes, Trane Advantage VRF systems can fit in a wider variety of buildings, from historic structures to newly constructed buildings.With an integrated energy efficiency rating of up to 27 IEER, and with a simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency rating of up to 30 SCHE, a Trane Advantage VRF system can save you more on energy costs than any other VRF system. The efficiency comes from both the innovative VRF design and from the superior technology built into the compressors that power every Trane Advantage VRF system. These high-performance variable speed compressors precisely match their output to demand levels, delivering comfort and energy savings at the same time—and include other design features that further improve not only efficiency and output, but also reliability and longevity ,Trane Advantage VRF technology makes it possible to design a system in which every room in a building can be independently heated or cooled to levels of the occupants’ choosing—and unused rooms’ climate controls can be switched off entirely. Some traditional HVAC systems are only able to provide either comfort or efficiency; Trane Advantage VRF systems can offer both. Trane Advantage VRF systems offer a variety of control options, including:  Zone-level for control of individual indoor units • Centralized-level for control of up to 256 total indoor units in up to 16 groups • Building-level for control of an entire structure’s multiple-VRF systems on-site or via BAC net connectivity, or remote Internet access • Integrated building-level for large, stand-alone VRF installations controlled by building managers or owners,Trane Tracer™ controls are known for their superior performance, with the ability to coordinate the functions of Trane heating and cooling equipment. Monitoring environmental variables and using exclusive Trane-developed algorithms, Trane Tracer controls effectively and efficiently direct the operation of Trane heating and cooling equipment for maximum comfort and energy savings. Trane Advantage VRF systems work seamlessly with Trane Tracer controls—which can make Trane Advantage VRF systems a perfect supplement to an existing Trane system, as might occur when certain rooms in a building need a higher level of user-controllable heating and cooling,Compared to ducted-air HVAC systems, Trane Advantage VRF systems require much less installation space, due to smaller equipment size. Trane Advantage VRF systems’ refrigerant pipes take up much less space than forced-air systems’ ductwork, resulting in less impact on the structures in which they’re installed—a benefit that’s especially important in existing structures .Trane Advantage VRF systems operate at very low sound levels, which can improve the comfort and productivity of building occupants. The VRF design quietly moves piped refrigerant to each room,where specially designed low-noise fans circulate heated or cooled air at sound levels as low as 23 dBA.Certain Trane Advantage VRF systems can support a maximum refrigerant pipe length of 360 feet—exceeding the limitations of many competing systems. This redefinition of what’s possible with VRF technology comes from a combination of high-performance smart inverter compressors and electronic expansion valves with a unique 2,000-step gear-driven design. The result is especially beneficial for taller buildings: rather than have VRF equipment occupying a mechanical room at the midpoint of a 360-foot-tall building, a Trane Advantage VRF system can occupy the rooftop, freeing up valuable interior floor space,