Posted on March 12, 2020


Azrikam The Price is Right Heating, and Air Conditioning HVAC company recommends that you open up all your windows to let fresh air enter your home. If you're going to any stores to buy anything Jewel-Osco Walgreens, make sure you clean your hands very well outside and when you come inside the house.
Circulating air in your home or business from outside is a great thing to do to keep this coronavirus from sticking around in your home or business. Remember, the virus droplets can live only up to 3 minutes. The more fresh air you let inside your home, the stronger chances are that you're going to kill it eventually, If you have central air in your home, open your windows and put the fan on and it will suck in fresh air from the window is going through your return duct and circulating through all the supplies in your home bring it into the fresh air. If you have a commercial rooftop unit in your business, 95% of them have 100% makeup are systems that allow 100% fresh air to mix what the return air that goes to the supply ducts and is released to all the supply registered.
If you have a ceiling fan or an exhaust fan in your ceiling that sucks in are from the rooms, Open all your windows to bring fresh air that will eventually kill the Coronavirus, May the Father in Jesus name be with you all