Lennox residentail hvac free ac Furnace and cooling estimates Heating Repairs And New Installs

Posted on May 7, 2018

Duralok Plus Heat Exchanger: Made of patented Armor Tuf steel to ensure high reliability and efficiency. 2 Special Sound-Absorbing Materials: Further reduce sound for quiet operation. 3 Sure Light  Ignitor: Silicone nitride construction ensures long product life and reliable operation. 4 Variable-Capacity Gas Valve: Adjusts capacity output in as small as 1% increments for the ultimate in precision comfort. 5 Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger: A robust, time-tested design that captures waste heat. Allows the furnace to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels. 6 Self-Calibrating Variable Speed Inducer: Ensures cleaner combustion and efficient operation. 7 Variable Speed Blower Motor: Provides a quiet, consistent flow of air for enhanced comfort, efficiency and humidity control. 8 Sure Light Control Board: Controls all furnace operations for high reliability and efficiency. Direct-readout diagnostics for simple, quick troubleshooting. 9 Sealed Blower Compartment: Minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort. Lennox engineers create furnaces that last. That’s why every Lennox design undergoes a battery of tests before it goes into production. These tests include rigorous shipping and handling simulations and extensive reliability measurements to ensure dependable operation in even the most extreme conditions. Lennox designs contain built-in safeguards, such as limit controls, electronic flame sensors and blower-proving switches. Each unit is run-tested before it leaves the factory, resulting in high-quality, reliable products.Intelligent engineering is matched with innovative components to provide unparalleled product performance, controlled utility costs and improved indoor air quality. Heating efficiency is improved with direct-spark ignition, modulating heating capability, and Sure Light controls, for efficiency up to 98.7% AFUE. As a result, many units are ENERGY STAR qualified. Fully insulated cabinets not only save energy, they also reduce noise, while precision-speed blowers help reduce humidity levels and improve overall indoor air quality Lennox engineers are continually looking for ways to reduce installation costs by designing gas and electrical connections that can be installed on either the right- or left-hand side, as well as make-up boxes for internal and external electrical wiring. Direct-drive slide-out blowers, tool less entry and in shot burners further simplify maintenance 2-stage gas heating for improved comfort control • Constant-torque Power Saver technology (EL296E only) increases system efficiency • Expanded venting options • Sealed blower compartment • Reliable Sure Light ignitor • Multi-speed, direct-drive, slide-out blower and toolless entry for quick maintenance,