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Posted on May 7, 2018

Lennox expanded our industry-leading Energence line to include ultra-high-efficiency rooftop units to deliver ultra innovation on every count. Advanced blower and compressor technologies allow these new units to perform at optimal levels throughout the year, even in extreme weather conditions. This can translate to substantial operational cost savings over the life of the system. Achieves efficiency ratings of up to 21.5 IEER and 13.9 EER—the highest on the market today.Up to 42% lighter in weight than leading competitors’ units, even with a substantial array of customizable features,Operates at outdoor sound levels as low as 81 dBA, making the unit the quietest in its class.Engineered with the newly enhanced Prodigy Control System, which has more than 250 adjustable parameters to meet almost any design specification .Available on Energence units, MSAV (Multi-Stage Air Volume) supply fan technology uses up to seven different airflow settings to automatically adjust operating speed, optimizing efficiency and performance,Ultra-high-efficiency models are offered with standard MSAV, along with the option of a belt drive or new patent pending belt less Direct Plu system. Advantages of the Direct Plus system:  High-efficiency motor with direct-mounted impeller provides exceptional performance and low energy consumption  Fan design eliminates belts that age over time, reducing maintenance costs and service calls  Slide-out blower assembly combines components, making service and installation easier  Sound-reducing grille lowers indoor sound without affecting airflow .This patent-pending configuration is designed to deliver significant year-round savings:  Scroll compressors use the full area of the coils, rather than parts, to better match cooling capacity to demand  Compressor compartment is isolated, allowing for easier access and servicing  Prodigy Control System continuously monitors and adjusts the compressors to optimize performance and cost savings, SunSource factory-installed option makes Energence the first and only commercial HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power. Simple, scalable and easy to install on 3- to 12.5-ton units  Units can achieve net-zero energy status by reaching effective efficiency levels of up to 43 IEER, 34 SEER and beyond Includes an optional communication module for monitoring system status in real time, New Energence ultra-high-efficiency models are up to 42% lighter in weight than leading competitors’ units. Advanced technologies and optimized cabinetry make Energence ultra-high-efficiency units lighter than other units in its class, The lighter weight makes buildings less vulnerable to structural issues, adding to your peace of mind. Plus, they’re designed to fit the same footprint as many existing Lennox units. That means less labor and equipment is needed for setup, making replacement quick and cost effective,Hinged  Access Panel: Provides quick access to components and protects panels and roof from damage during servicing. Isolated Compressor Compartment: Allows performance check during normal compressor operation without disrupting airflow. Corrosion-Resistant, Removable, Double-Sloped Drain Pan: Provides application flexibility, durability and improved serviceability. Thermostatic Expansion Valves  Provide peak cooling performance across the entire application range. Scroll Compressor: Standard on all units for reliable, long-term operation. Humiditrol Dehumidification System: Optional patented system allows for independent control of temperature and humidity, providing enhanced comfort control. MERV 13 Filters: Optional filters provide an enhanced level of indoor air quality, and can help the building qualify for additional LEED credits.Foil-Faced Insulation: On all internal surfaces that contact airflow, helps minimize airborne fibers and improve IAQ. Prodigy Control System: Standard on every Energence rooftop unit. MSAV (Multi-Stage Air Volume) Supply Fan: Optional MSAV helps achieve the highest level of energy savings and comfort control with blower speed modulation Environ Coil System: