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Posted on April 28, 2020

Recurring clogs - Is your toilet a nuisance because it requires plunging more than once a week? Many of the older low flush toilets require more than once flush most of the time. They are also often plagued with random stoppages. It is not pleasant to have to plunge the toilet on a regular basis. If this is an aggravation for you then it is time to replace your toilet. You don’t even have to give up the water savings since low flush toilets have come a long way and the new line of water savers work much better.
A porcelain crack - There are times when hairline cracks develop in the tank or bowl of a toilet. These small cracks can turn into a flood of water at the worst possible time. Porcelain cracks can also be the source of an active leak. Inspect your tank and bowl for any cracks occasionally when you clean the toilet. If you spot a crack it is always a good idea to replace the toilet before it breaks completely. If the crack is located in the toilet bowl it is not as urgent to replace the toilet, but keep an eye out for leaking water when you flush. An unnoticed leak can lead to a ruined floor over time.