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Posted on April 28, 2020

Without considering cosmetic issues there are still a few instances where a new toilet is a good idea. To help you determine when to replace a toilet take a look at some common problems that you may encounter.

It needs too many repairs - Rebuilding a toilet can include quite a few items in the tank like the handle, the flapper, and the fill valve to say the least. This list of repairs can be easily done, but it will cost you money and requires time. Weighing these repair costs versus a new toilet is a smart practice especially if your toilet suffers from any of the other problems listed below. If your planning or replacing your toilet any time soon then save the money on the repair and replace the toilet instead. This will save you money in the long run even though it will a bigger expense upfront. If a toilet is giving you trouble it is easy to conclude that it needs to be replaced. While installing a new toilet can definitely be the best option for a troublesome fixture it is not necessarily the only solution. When a few repairs will be enough to solve the problem there is no reason to spend the extra money to buy a new toilet and take the time to install it. The key is knowing when to replace a toilet and when to repair it instead.