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Here are just a few of the brands that we offer you for your commercial operations. Check out or products page or give us a call at (847) 409-8699 for even more options!

Carrier Units

Carrier Weathermaster 50p

The WeatherMaster 50p is a good example of a unit that is pre-wired and factory-tested in both cooling and heating modes. This and other Carrier units are reliable and made to last.

Carrier WeatherMaker Packaged Air Conditioner and Furnace

The WeatherMaker 48A comes pre-wired and charged with refrigerant . It has been tested for both their heating and cooling modes at the factory. This is just one industrial grade Carrier HVAC unit ready for you.

Lennox Units

Lennox Energence Ultra

The Energence Ultra is just one of the Lennox systems that provide ultra performance to keep your building either warm or cool. With a size range from 7.5 to 20 tons, the Energence Ultra conforms to the size of your business.

Lennox Raider Air and Heat Unit

The Lennox Raider Unit provides value and convenience without compromising its quality. The Raider comes in a variety of models with gas/electric, electric/electric, and heat pump options available.  Call us to talk about what works best for your business.

Allied Series

Known for their precise, dependable performance, the Allied K-Series is one example of a packaged rooftop air conditioner that has advanced features to keep businesses of varying sizes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Reznor Packaged Units

The Reznor YDSA Rooftop HVAC unit provides high efficiency to all aspects the heating and cooling process. This lets you pay less to keep the heat up or cool the room down.

York Packaged Units

This new line of York air conditioning units easily replaces older, less efficient rooftop units due to the similar footprint sizes. This saves you on costs for both the replacement and keeping your building comfortable all year round.

Fraser-Johnston Packaged Units

The DW Fraser-Johnston packaged rooftop units are both durable and efficient, keeping air conditioning and furnace costs low and working through the weather.

Daikin Units

The Daikin Model DC units offer a viable, affordable solution for many new or existing light commercial rooftop HVAC applications. These units are available between 3-20 tons so that it's available to commercial businesses both big and small.

Mammoth Units

The R6GP Unit is built to last. With technology that protects and prevents wear, this Mammoth unit can operate for years to come. Ask us about it today if you think that this system is right for your business.