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Tempstar Air Conditioning Units

Enjoy comfort without compromise, thanks to one of Tempstar's variable-speed air conditioner with Smart Sense technology. This whisper-quiet system senses changing conditions and adapts so you can stay comfy with outstanding efficiency. And when it gets extra hot and sticky outside, you'll feel the difference with enhanced dehumidification inside.

Tempstar Furnace Units

Enjoy ultimate comfort even in the coldest weather with Tempstar's highest efficiency gas furnace product. It features industry-leading modulating gas heat performance that delivers our ultimate levels of temperature control and quiet performance. The variable-speed blower also means you’ll enjoy better summer dehumidification and a possible SEER boost as your furnace works with your cooling unit to help pull moisture out of the air.

Tempstar Rooftop Units

Tempstar manufactures a number of economically-priced packaged air conditioners and combination gas heat and electric cooling systems specifically designed for the needs of these commercial properties. PAD Series Air ConditionersTempstar’s highly affordable packaged air conditioners come with the great features you need, with solid reliability built in.

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Tempstar Topline Furnace Installations

The equipment comes together like a beautiful puzzle, Not many furnaces can be put together and designed that's fantastic. Looking for something affordable strong reliable. That will be there and will not let you down. Have a Tempstar furnace installed.

Tempstar furnaces are very dependable reliable high-efficiency furnace forced air systems these systems come with fantastic warranties 20 year warranty on heat exchanger 10 year warranty on parts and labor. When installing a Tempstar furnace make sure you get a license professional HVAC company. Who will always do the proper furnace servicing and installs.

Install Tempstar furnaces. Tempstar furnaces have been around for decades. They are a lot of furnaces that we could recommend. To have installed in your home or business. A Tempstar furnace is one of them. They're very reliable and very efficient Azrikam Heating and Cooling recommend that you get your furnace cleaned and checked every heating season. With a licensed HVAC contractor.

When you hear Tempstar furnace. That name is something you can be proud of. No matter how cold or how hot. With proper furnace install. These Tempstar systems do not stop working, I have seen Tempstar furnaces with proper installation last many years. That have not been serviced or clean for seven eight years. But still running and working. These furnaces will not let you down. Please be responsible and get these furnace cleaned and checked once a year. For a long-lasting furnace life of equipment and efficiency. Saving you money everyday working efficiently. they work hard for you.

We have professional Tempstar furnace installers. To put in a Tempstar furnace. You have to be a good furnace installer. You must have experience with sheet metal. Running gas line. Working with electricity also doing drain lines. Venting flue pipe to the chimney.

Installing a Tempstar furnace is a smart thing to do Reliable and efficiency and savings is what they are made to do for you.